FOI Request - Flexible Retirement Policy

Request 101001348249

Please collate the following information under the Freedom Of Information Act for Flexible Retirement

I am referring to the Council's FLEXIBLE RETIREMENT POLICY (covering members of the Local Government Pension Scheme aged 55 or over) which allows a member of the Local Government Pension Scheme aged 55 or over to draw their pension and, at the same time, continue working on reduced hours and/or at a lower grade.

1) In addition to the Flexible Retirement Legislation do MORAY COUNCIL apply further requirements for the employee to meet the criteria ie, 10%, 20%, 30%, or MORE savings to be achieved

2) Is an Employee allowed to appeal the decision under your Flexible Retirement Policy

3) Do you consider a "Wind Down" choice to defer their retirement, by reducing their working hours so that they can work part time.

Response 24-11-2016

Please find copy of Flexible Retirement Policy here.

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