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1.  How many educational psychologists in total were practicing in schools in the local authority area in each of the last five years.

2.  How many individual pupils each educational psychologist supported in each of the last five years.

3.  How many individual pupils were referred to educational psychologists in each of the last five years.

Response 16-11-2016

The level of staffing for the Educational Psychology Service (EPS) is 7.6FTE. Within the period 2011 – 2016, there was significant variability in the staffing levels.

Numbers of fully qualified Educational Psychologists (EPs) employed in each of the following academic sessions is noted below.  This also includes total number of individual pupils being referred to EPS for each academic year for support and average support provided by each EP. This average also includes the 1.0 Principal EP who manages the service and is involved in other LA based activities.

Academic Session Level of Staffing Total Individual Pupil Support Average for support offered by each EPs
2011/2012 5.8 FTE





6.3 FTE (Nov’ 12) / 3.3 FTE (Apr’ 13)

Average 4.8 FTE





3.8FTE (Aug’ 13) / 4.3 FTE (Apr’ 14)

Average 3.8 FTE





6.4FTE (Aug ’14) / 4.8FTE (May ’15)

Average 5.6 FTE




5.8FTE (Oct’11) / 6.6FTE (Jun’12)

Average 3.8 FTE



The above support total however is inconclusive as in many cases EPs would provide advice / support on a no name basis via emails and/or telephone calls.

Also, EPS’s role is very diverse, for which individual case work is only one of the core functions and includes activities such as

  • Regular meetings held in individual schools with head teachers/support for learning staff of how best to deal with non-referral pupils and enhance learning
  • Devising and delivering Professional Continuous Development Training Programme provided during in-services and on twilight courses through each academic year to teachers, support staff and other professionals.
  • Research and development at school, LA and national levels.
  • Participation in working groups/strategy groups.

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