FOI Request - Domestic Violence Services

Request 101001335134

I would like to request the following information:

A list of all domestic violence services funded by the council and how much funding they have received for every financial year since 2009/10, and including services that no longer receive funding.

I would like the latest data available, and all other data that is available between now and the year 2009/10.

I would prefer to receive these in a spreadsheet in the following format, at this email address:

Domestic violence service Funding received 09/10 Funding received 10/11 Funding received 11/12 Funding received 12/13 Funding received 13/14 Funding received 14/15 Funding received 15/16

Response 01-11-2016

There is no specific budget for domestic violence services, any funds used for these services is incorporated into other resources.

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