FOI Request - Number of Shisha Cafes and Provision of Guidance

Request 101001333403

We would like to ask the following questions, where we define a "shisha cafe" as any premise where the sale AND consumption of shisha tobacco occurs on site, and can include restaurants, clubs, lounges, cafes, and other venues:
1) Can you please provide the estimated number of shisha cafes known to you in your local authority area for the following dates:
i) January 2012, ii) January 2013, iii) January 2014, iv) January 2015, v) January 2016.

Please reply "unknown" if records are not held for any particular date.

2) Can you please provide a copy of the latest guidance documents that you send to shisha cafes that aim to provide legislative information around the sale and consumption of shisha tobacco, such as the smokefree law, underage use, packaging and labelling, health & safety, and advertisement.

Response 25-10-2016


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