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1.  How many complaints about dog fouling have been received between 1st Jan 2013 to 31st December 2015, please separate figures by year,.

2.  How many Fixed Penalty Notices for dog fouling were issued for the same period, please give yearly figures.

3.  Of these Fixed Penalty Notices, how many were actually paid, please give yearly figures.

4.  Has the council been involved in any schemes to combat dog fouling? If yes, please provide the graphics used (if possible).

Response 13-10-2016

1. - 3.

Dog Fouling         

                                           2013          2014         2015
Complaints                           155            149          148
FPN Issued                           20              12           12
FPN Paid                              12                6             6

4.  We use the Green Dog Walker Scheme details of which can be retrieved from

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