FOI Request - Costs and Suppliers of Private Web Filtering Services

Request 101001327915

Paragraphs 42 and 45 of the Prevent counter-terrorism policy guidance in Scotland suggests local authorities in Scotland should take action to prevent IT equipment provided by the council being used to access "extremist" materials.

With regards to this duty, please provide me with the following information:

1. Annual costs of hardware, software and associated 'cloud services' that are employed to manage web filtering at the counci.

2. A list of the suppliers or hardware manufacturers that support these web-filtering services.

3. Confirmation of when any web filtering services contracts were entered into, when they were last were reviewed, and when they will be renewed. Please supply any recorded information held by the local authority, such as tender documentation, contracts, or review reports, that relates to the operation of the current service.

Response 01-11-2016

1. Circa £24,000


2. Smoothwall Limited


3. Contract start date – Aug 2014

Contract Duration – 3 years with option for two single year extensions

The contract will be reviewed mid-2017 to see if the required functionality can be provided via the Scottish Wide Area Network (SWAN) contract.

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