FOI Request - Memorial Plaques

Request 101001325209

It is regarding requests made to the council for dedication or memorial plaques to be erected or installed.

I would like to be provided with the following information for the period since 01/01/06 to the most recent available date.

I would like to be given a full list of all rejected applications for plaques – either ones to be attached to existing objects such as benches, trees or buildings, or ones which would be part of a newly installed tree, bench et cetera.

In each instance I would like to know:

When the application was made.
Where it was proposed to be.
What the proposal was (i.e. a new bench with a plaque on it, fixing a plaque to an existing tree etc.)
The full message that was to appear on the plaque (names may be omitted if necessary).
The reason it was rejected.

Response 25-10-2016

In accordance with section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 we can advise that this information is not held.

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