FOI Request - Direct Payments

Request 101001316323

I would like to know the following information;
1. The number of beneficiaries that receive Direct Payments currently
2. The average monthly payment to these beneficiaries
3. The number of beneficiaries that received Direct Payments in 2015

Response 04-10-2016

1.  The current total number of regular Direct Payment recipients (i.e payments made on a regular monthly basis) are 202, in addition to this there have been 22 annual direct payments made in the last 12 months totalling 22 recipients.

2.  The average monthly payments made to the above 202 recipients is £229.46.  The average annual payments made were £1,119.29 to the above 22 individuals equating to £21.52 per week.  The two figures averaged together would give you an average spend of £316.86 over 224 recipients.

3.  The total number of recipients of a DP in 2015 including the above one off payments and also those who have stopped part way through 2015 for various reasons and those who have started part way through 2015 was 247.

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