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1  Is the cost of £40,000 fixed regardless of client numbers? If not, how much per client is the cost to the council? If it is fixed, how many clients does the council service per year?

2)  Commissioned alarm response service – what does this entail (i.e. emergency calls, contacting proactively once per week, etc.)?

3)  I note that additional money is paid by the council for additional equipment purchased for individual need. What is the budget put aside for this a year, and how much of it was spent in 2015-16, 2014-15 and 2013-14?

4)  What items are available for additional purchase for clients by the council, and what is the cost of each?

Response 19-10-2016

1)  It is fixed and the number of clients is currently 1533

2)  Emergency calls only

3)  Information can be found here

4)  Information can be found here..

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