FOI Request - Community Payback Orders 2

Request 101001313863

1. Can you please provide a list of the organisations, including schools and public bodies, which take offenders for community payback?

Can you please tell me, for each organisation,
a) which tasks offenders would do and
b) typically how many hours they would do,
c) plus which kinds of offenders are most likely to do which?

2. If there are any activities or trips offered by the council to help rehabilitate offenders, can you please tell me
a) what these are and
b) what types of offenders these are offered to, i.e. adults or young offenders?

I am looking for a list of the community placements currently available but could you also please provide a list of the trips, activities and community payback order placements provided by the council in 2015-16 up to the present day.

Response 12-10-2016

The information requested can be found here.

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