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We are seeking to identify the average cost of a post mortem within your local authority.  This is so that we can compare the costs of conventional autopsy to digital autopsy.  In this respect will you please provide the following information within 20 days:

1.      Do you have a contract with an NHS provider to carry out a post-mortem service on behalf of the coroner/local authority?

2.      If the answer to question 1 is yes, please state which NHS trusts or hospitals these contracts are with?  

3.      If the answer to question 1 is no, what provisions do you have in place to carry out post- mortems?

4.      What is the value, in total, of the contracts?

5.      What is the cost per post-mortem case?

6.      What were the total number of post-mortems carried out, in the last 12 months, under this contract?

Response 29-09-2016

I wish to advise that the mortuary and post mortem services for Moray are provided by a Joint Service Level Agreement which is managed by Aberdeen City Council. Moray Council does not therefore hold the information which you request and I would therefore suggest that you direct the FOI request instead to Aberdeen City Council.

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