FOI Request - Mail Scanning

Request 101001312022

1.  Does your Council currently routinely scan incoming mail?

2.  If not currently, have you ever routinely scanned incoming mail?

3.  What is the process for scanning incoming mail?

4.  From what companies did you purchase scanners/MFDs for the scanning of incoming mail?

5.  How much have you paid this company(s) in financial years 2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16? Please advise if this fee was just for these scanners/MFDs.

6.  What departments in the Council utilise the scanning of incoming mail?

7.  Do you have a Business Case for the scanning of incoming mail?

8.  If yes to Q7, please provide a copy.

9.  Who in your Council is responsible for the scanning of incoming mail? Please provide a name, job title, and e-mail address.

Response 18-10-2016 

1.  Yes

2.  n/a

3.  Open in secure area, Sort, Reference, Scan, Index, File, Destroy per retention agreement.

4.  Misco and Insight.

5. Please note that these companies are used for considerably more than the purchase of scanners and the figures below are for all purchases. 

£000s         2015/16                2014/15                 2013/14                  2012/13                2011/12

Misco         310                         213                         123                         161                         83

Insight          34                          26                            50                          128                        318

6.  Environmental Services and Corporate Services

7.  No

8.  n/a

9.   Margaret Kidd, Customer Service Contact Manager.

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