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Request 101001305508

1.  Can you tell me how regularly cemeteries in your council area are due to be inspected?.  Once a year?  Monthly?

2.  Can you give me the dates they were actually inspected and reports of these please?  From 2010-2016.

3.  Do you have any reports of incidents/accidents of falling gravestones/memorial stones/headstones in the years 2010-2016.  (omitting personal data).

4.  Can I have access to these reports? (omitting personal data).  From 2010-2016.

Response 14-09-2016

1. There is no formal overall inspection carried out.  A visual inspection is done every time someone is in the cemetery so that translates as fortnightly between April and September apart from that it is ad hoc.

2. No information is held so this is therefore exempt under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

3.  No record exists of falling headstones. One record exists of someone knocking over a headstone - (enquiry 86181).

4. .Enquiry 86181 says "On a recent visit to the cemetery with my elderly mother I stumbled and fell.  During my fall I inadvertently collided with a headstone and knocked it over.  I apologise for any damage that this might have caused.  The stone is to the side of the main path and is next to a stone in memory of a child that has a lamb on the top of the stone.  When I fell I also broke my camera.  I will report this to my insurers.  they may contact you." Clunyhill Cemetery, Forres

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