FOI Request - Public Conveniences

Request 101001297484

Information for 2014/15, 2015/16 (Financial Year) and 2016 to today's date
1. What was the charge for use of the public conveniences in your area during the financial years
2. What income was generated from charging for the use of public conveniences in your area? If
applicable, please break this down as detailed below
a.Urban (i.e. main towns, population above 3000)
b. Rural (i.e. villages and hamlets, population below 3000}
3. What is the total income from charging for use
4. What is the budget for the provision and maintenance of Public Conveniences in your area?
5. Toilet Closures- what financial savings were made from any closures or planned savings for any
proposed closures?

Response 05-09-2016

1. None.

2. None.

3. None.

4. £65k

5. None.

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