FOI Request - Extra Care Schemes

Request 101001294980

1)    How many Extra Care schemes you have in your area where you work with/ alongside a Housing provider and a Care provider to commission an on site team of care and support workers.

2)    The name of each extra care scheme.

3)    The name of the on-site care and support provider.

4)    The full list of charge rates that are being charged to the Authority for the provision of care and support services at each scheme in question.

Response 12-09-2016

1)    23

2)     See below


Real Life Options

2 sites 

Scottish Association For Mental Health Longstay

1 site

Ark Community Networks

2 sits

Community Intergrated Care Ltd

2 sites


9 sites

Inspire Moray

3 sites

The Richmond Fellowship Scotland

1 site

Turning Point Scotland

1 site

Patricia Anderson trading as Westview

1 site

Hanover (Scotland)

1 site


4)    In accordance with section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 we can advise that this information is not held. This is because there is not a list of charge rates for each service, service provision is funded through a mix of block and spot purchase and the value of each is dependent upon the number of tenants and their care and support needs. 

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