FOI Req - After School Activities

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a) Does the council offer co-ordinated after school activities in all of its primary schools;
b) What is the capacity of the after school activities;
c) what after school activities are on offer and how much do they cost; and
d) what percentage of primary school pupils participate in after school activities.

Response 26-09-2016

1.  None of our activities take place in Primary Schools. They take place in Community Centres, Tennis Courts or Secondary Schools due to the requirement for a large games hall for these activities.

2.  Capacity numbers for sessions vary depending on the type of sport and the size of the facility but generally range from between 14 and 20 spaces per session.

3.  At present, we offer Badminton, Basketball, Mixed Sports, Soccer Centres and Tennis. These details, including prices, are available on the Moray Council website and are therefore exempt under Section 25(1) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002. For ease of reference please find a link to the brochure here

4.  This term, 3.75% of the school roll are participating in after school activities.

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