FOI Request - Asset Register

Request 101001281022

I am looking for the following information, under FOISA, which I believe you hold:

1. A link to, or copy of, your local authority assets register(s). Please indicate if these are exhaustive asset register(s).

2. If not listed in the information provided in response to point 1 of this request please provide:
a. Total value of all assets held in (each) register;
b. Date when the above was last reviewed;
c. Date details were last considered at a committee of council members, and link to or copies of corresponding reports;
d. Number of FTE staff and/or  name of appointed external auditors who prepare and manage those above;
e. Estimated expenditure on those staff or auditors each year to prepare and manage those assets

Clarification sought 24-08-2016

No clarification received therefore case closed 25-10-2016

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