FOI Request - Completion Notices

Request 101001280001

In accordance with the provisions specified within the above Act I hereby request the following information. All information requested relates to Completion Notices served on commercial properties served under Schedule 3 to the Local government (Scotland) act 1966 as amended by the Local government (Scotland) act 1994
Required Information;- A list of all commercial properties  where a completion notice has been served since 1st April 2010
1. The address of the property being deemed complete by the notice.
2. The date the Completion Notice was issued
3. The completion date
4. The date the property was entered into the Rating List (if different to the above)
5. The recipient company name
6. The address to which the notice was sent
• We do not require any information on individuals or sole traders.
Where possible, please provide the information in an electronic, spreadsheet format.

Clarification sought 16-08-2016

No clarification received therefore case closed 20-09-2016

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