FOI Request - Air Pollution and Schools

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1.    How many air pollution monitors are actively recording and measuring air pollution levels in Moray Council?
2.    What pollutants do these monitors measure? (if different for each monitor please provide breakdown)
3.    How many of these air pollution monitors are within 10 metres of a primary or secondary school? If possible please provide co-ordinates of schools.
4.    Are primary and secondary schools considered as priority locations when you are choosing where to put air pollution monitors?
5.    How many children do you estimate attend primary and secondary schools in Moray Council?

Response 06-09-2016

1. The Moray Council carries our air quality monitoring at a total of 19 different locations.

2. All of these monitor levels of nitrogen dioxide.

3. One of these monitoring points is located within 10 metres of a school. The coordinates of the school is: 322216 - 862652.

4. The location of schools is one of the factors considered when deciding on the locations of the monitoring points.

5.  Primary - 6463

     Secondary - 5051

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