FOI Request - Maverick Spend and E-Tendering

Request 101001278687

eTendering, procurement team size and training
1. Please state the total number of your procurement team
2. Of members of the procurement team, please state the number that have a CIPS or other professional procurement qualification
3. Of this number, how many are currently undergoing procurement training?
4. What training is available to your procurement staff? Tick all that apply;
Training type Response (please tick) Additional comments
In-house training
External training provider
Formal Body (CIPS)
5.  What e-Tendering system have your organisation adopted and, if it hasn’t done so, when does it plan to?
6. Is your organisation aware that all local government organisations are required to adopt eTendering before 2018?
7. Are purchase orders required for each transaction across your organisation?
8. What is the percentage of staff within your organisation that have access to an eProcurement system?
9. Please name the provider of your e-procurement/e-tendering system
10 Approximately what percentage of the staff in your organisation use this system?
11. Does your organisation feel there are any limitations to the current system?
Limitations of system Satisfied Un-satisfied Additional comments
User friendliness
User guides effectiveness
Terminology easy to understand?
Multiple-quotes available?
Traceability of transactions
Supplier validation
Prevention of maverick spend
Obtaining value per transaction

Response 15-08-2016

1. 6

2. 6  

3. 1

4.  In-house, E-learning, External Training, Formal Body (CIPS)  

5.  Public Contracts Scotland - Tenders (PCS-T) 

6. Yes

7. Yes

8. 100%

9.  Bravo Solutions

10.  3%

11.  None

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