FOI Request - Council Vehicles Information

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1.  How many council employee take council vehicles home.

2.  How many are on call and need transport

3.  Who pays for the fuel that takes the employee to and from work and are all

4.  Employees entitled to a fuel allowance for the same journeys

5.  Do employees pay tax on using these vehicles

Response 24-08-2016

Legal and Democratic, Finance, Community Care, HR, ICT, Chief Executive’s Office, Building Standards, Development Management and Trading Standards:

1. None

2. N/A

3. N/A

4. N/A

5. N/A

Direct Services:

1. 4

2. 2

3. The Moray Council 

4. None 

5. None 

Housing and Property:

1. Up to a maximum of 78 Vehicles are taken home.  

2.  6 staff per week are on call and are provided with vans.

3. The Council pays the home to work mileage, and staff keep log books of all home to work and business mileage for audit purposes.

4. None

5. No.

Environmental Health:

1. 2

2. 2

3. The council

4. This only applies to staff required to work from home, out of office hours, to cover emergencies.

5. Tax paid as per HMRC requirements re commuting travel

Planning & Development and Economic Development:

Staff may have occasion to take a pool car home if it's in preparation for a journey they need the car for the next day and it would save time & a trip into work to pick a car up. Likewise at the end of a working day when they have been using a pool car before returning it the next day.

None are on call


Nil relating to Council vans.  Occasionally, pool cars are kept overnight by employees if they have been at a meeting that commenced late afternoon/evening. In accordance with section 17 of the Freedom of Information Act we can advise that further details are not held.

Social Work:

1. None of our employees should take council vehicles home unless they require them out of hours - but we can’t quantify that.

2. One per night, but they don't take a vehicle home with them

3. The employee unless they are called out of hours in which case they make a mileage claim

4. The mileage rate is fixed across the council

5. N/A

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