FOI Request - NNDR Accounts Credit Balances or Write Ons

Request 101001275376

We would be grateful if you could supply, ideally in spreadsheet format if convenient, a list of all credit balances on NNDR accounts where the credit balance is on the current or closed account or where the credit balance is on the account for a past year where the credit has not been brought forward.
If a credit balance has been Written On rather than refunded, we would also be grateful for details of those accounts.
If you are able to do this, we would like, for each Credit Balance or Write On:
1 - The address of the hereditament
2 - The Account Reference or Property Reference of the hereditament.
3 - The name of the account holder
4 - The value of the credit/overpayment.
5 - The rate year(s) to which the credit/overpayment refers.
We would like this information to date back as far as your records allow. We realise that you may not be able to provide information naming individuals as opposed to corporate entities, and we understand if the ratepayers name is not given in these cases.

Response 12-08-2016

This information will be published on the Moray Council website within the next 12 weeks and is therefore exempt under Section 27(1) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

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