FOI Request - Review of Counter-Terrorism and Security Act

Request 101001274054

[Re: FOI 101001243308]

I'd like a review of the council's response to question 1 please.

- It's customary for councils to indicate at least some sort of total i.e. <5 or <10 rather than no figure at all. Please provide me with either such a generic total, or an exact total. This could not possibly lead to identification of an individual.

Response 17-08-2016

Following your request for a review of our response to the FOI you submitted, a review meeting was held at the Council offices on August 16th 2016. In attendance were the Records and Heritage Manager, Senior Solicitor, Corporate Director for Education and Social Care and Information Co-ordinator.

The reasons for the original decision were discussed, and it was confirmed that these had not changed and the public interest lies in upholding the exemptions originally applied to the release of this information. Please refer to the original response for an explanation of these exemptions and the application of the public interest test.  

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