FOI Request - Sickness Absence Figures

Request 101001273878

1)            Do you have a sickness absence policy?
2)            What are your levels of sickness absence for the past 2years?
3)            Does your policy deal with stress and mental health issues?
4)            Do you hold separate statistics on stress and mental health issues?
5)            Can you please advise what those levels are for the past 2 years?
6)            Do you have occupational health provision for your employees?
7)            Please say how this is carried out.

Response 31-08-2016

1)  See attached here.

2)  Please find attached here and here the Workforce Profiling reports for 2014-15 & 2015-16 that are reported to Committee and include information on absence levels.  Also attached are appendices here and here.

3)  It refers to the Mental Health & Wellbeing Policy

4)  No depression, stress and anxiety is pulled together

5)  N/A

6)  Yes

7)  Occupational health provision is provided by an external company.  Employees are referred by their line managers and attend consultations with either a nurse or a doctor and a report is then sent to the employee and their line manager providing advice on the occupational aspects of their situation.

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