FOI Request - Bullying in the Workplace

Request 101001271979

1) How many official complaints of harassment and bullying at work did you receive between the 1st April 2009 and the 31st December 2015?

2) How many of these complaints were upheld in favour of the  complainant?

Please reply to these questions if the £450 limit is not exceeded or in order of the questions up to the limit should the limit be surpassed somewhere within these questions:

3) How many of those which were not upheld in favour of the  complainant went on to Appeal?

4) How many of those that went to Appeal were found to favour the  complainant?

5) How many complaints went on to an Employment Tribunal?

6) How many of these were found to uphold the complaint?

7) Out of how many of those allegations (the number given to question 1) did the complainant of  bullying claim that the bullies were telling lies?

8) How many staff does your authority have and what is the current population within your authority's area?

Response 24-08-2016

1) We have only recently started to record such issues centrally so figures are not necessarily representative of the true picture.

2) Unable to answer

3) Unable to answer

4) Unable to answer 

5) None 

6) Unable to answer

7) Unable to answer

8) Headcount figure reported at the end of March 2016 was 4937. Current population is approx. 90,000

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