FOI Request - Glen Moray Drive

Request 101001242062

[Re: Incident at specified location on Glen Moray Drive]

I. Has the pavement been adopted by you in terms of the (Roads) Scotland Act 1984?
2. Have there been any complaints to the Council about the condition of the pavement?
3. Have any accidents been reported to the Council that have taken place on the
4. Have the Council undertaken any form of inspection on the pavement?
5.. What factors were used in assessing the inspection interval?
6. How are inspections on the pavement conducted?

Please Provide:-
I. Details of all correspondence by third parties to the Local Authority requesting repair
to defects on the pavement for the period 0 1/0 1/2006 to date.
2. Details of all inspections, including date and time of those inspections, inspection route
and manner in which the inspection are carried out on the pavement from 0 1/0 1/2006
to date.

Response 02-08-2016

1. No.

2. No.

3. No.

4. No.

5. N/A.

6. N/A.

1. No faults relating to this area have been reported to Roads Maintenance.

2. No inspection of this area has been carried out by Roads Maintenance.

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