FOI Request - Suppliers of Goods and Services

Request 101001269656

Under the Freedom of Information Act, please would you supply the following information on all your suppliers of good and services :-

Company name
Company address
Company email address
Industry sector / products / services supplied

I understand that details of suppliers of goods & services where you spend over £500 are publicly available information, but I am after contact details too as detailed above.

Response 16-08-2016

Information on the products/services and details of suppliers for payments under £500 are not held centrally and as a result it would cost in excess of £600 to collate. This information is therefore exempt under Section 12 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 - Excessive Cost of Compliance.

Please find here the details of suppliers for payments over £500. Please note that this does not include suppliers details from purchasing card transactions or any payments to individuals. 

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