FOI Request - Safe Working Practices and the Impact of Single Manning

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Q1: Does your local authority issue guidance to those who work on their own?

Q2: Approximately, how many employees of your local authority are now classed as lone workers? As a percentage of total number of employees?

Q3: Are those employees who undertake lone working provided any form of specialised training, such as conflict avoidance or De-escalation techniques?

Q4: Are lone workers issued any PPE safety equipment or means for signalling an emergency (i.e. personal alarms, pagers, mobile phones?)

Q5: Does the Local Authority provide this equipment / service or is it outsourced to private sector companies? If so, whom?

Q6: How many assaults were reported by staff to the Local Authority in 2015 (if no stats known, then for the year 2014).

Q7: Please provide the name and job titles of the person(s) responsible for the safety of your local authority’s lone workers or lone worker policy and lone working risk assessments (health and safety manager?)

Q8: Please list the contact details (phone, email) of these person(s) responsible.

Response 22-08-2016

Q1. Yes - Lone Working Policy available here 

Q2. It is difficult to give an exact number of lone workers as most are not lone workers all the time.  The obvious job titles are home carers but many others could be lone workers for some of the time. Building standards officers, planning officers, environmental health & trading standards are some of the enforcement type people who sometimes go out solo. Depending on where they work, janitors, cleaners, caretakers, facilities people, monitoring officers, community centre & pool staff could all be lone working at some point during their day.  Social workers & community support workers would come within the lone worker title some of the time as would on call DLO tradesmen all HGV drivers and school crossing patrollers.

Q3. Yes - as mentioned in the policy 

Q4. Yes

Q5. Provided by the local authority 

Q6. 9 in 2015

Q7. Doug Reid, Health and Safety Manager

Q8. Tel: 01343 563073 Email:

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