FOI Request - Named Person Training and Costs

Request 101001256978

1.  How many people under the employment of your Council, and representing what percentage of the total Council staff, have already received training to become a Named Person under the scheme established by the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014?

2.  Are there any members of staff who are due to become a Named Person when the system goes live who have not yet received any training as of 28 July 2016?

3.  How many people under the employment of your Council will receive any sort of training for the Named Persons scheme prior to its implementation?

4.  How much money from the Council budget has been allocated to date for the training of staff regarding the Named Persons scheme?

Response 25-08-2016

1. 121 Education staff.  3.26%

2. At the moment we have had to revise and delay training until the Scottish Government have given further guidance.  At this moment in time the scheme is not live but part of Moray Community Planning policy.

3. The role of the Named Person has been covered in various training session to different staff therefore the approximate number would be 1,153.

4. To date there is no budget allocated to the training of staff

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