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Request 101001249018

Under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, I am making a request for information regarding the following;
1.  What support services the Local Authority recipient of this request currently provides for adult and young carers. For the purposes of the request, support services include services provided both directly by the Local Authority recipient of this request, and services delivered in partnership with other organisations; for example, services delivered by other organisations but referred to and funded by the Local Authority.

o  These may include short breaks away from caring; carer support groups funded or part-funded through Local Authority budgets; career advice, etc

2.  Significant changes in the provision of such services by the Local Authority recipient of this request in at least the past 3 years.  

o  For example; the ending of a particular service; significant increases or decreases in the referrals to a service because of a policy or operational decision.

3. Any decisions currently pending or in implementation that are likely to impact on the pattern of such services in the next year.

4.  The same Local Authority’s expenditure on those same services in at least the past 3 financial years.

Response 10-08-2016

1.  Currently via a commissioned service we provide a variety of training and learning opportunities, peer support groups, carer support/emotional support, counselling, information and advice and some non-means tested replacement care support (non-accommodated respite).  We also provide a variety of accommodated and non-accommodated replacement care options that include daytime and overnight services.   In addition to this we are partners with our commissioned carer support service in the following:
- Teen Adventure Breaks - funded by Shared Care Scotland
-  Creative Breaks funded by Shared Care Scotland and Grampian Carer Information Strategy Group
- Identification and support for young people affected by substance use funded by Lloyds PDI and Moray ADP
- Breaks for families experiencing dementia funded by Shared Care
- Support for families affected by epilepsy - funded by CISG, Lottery Funding and local authority grant
-  Play breaks for families with children with ASN needs funded by Shared Care

2.  There have been no significant changes in provision over the last 3 years.

3.  Carer support services are currently being re-commissioned ready for a new contract to begin on April 1st 2017, this and the Carers Act (Scotland) 2016 being implemented on April 1st 2018 are both potentially going to impact on the pattern of these services over the next year or two.

4.  Total spend on supporting carers as detailed above for the last 3 years is as follows:
2013/14 =£696,000           2014/15 = £701,000          2015/16 = £700,000

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