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I would like to make a request under the Freedom of Information Act for details relating to how your organisation deals with recycling of materials collected from households and businesses. Including what particular types of materials are recycled and which are not.

Could you please also provide information about your recycling strategy and policy, and how the recycling scheme is communicated to the public (along with details of any associated communications plan/strategy), and education regarding recycling provided to schools/public.

If possible could you also include any further information as to what is done to aid litter prevention/litterpicking initiatives.

Response 25-07-2016

Materials Collected And Moved To:
Green Waste & Food (Co-mingled) - Keenan Recycling Ltd Paper - Shotton Mill, North Wales Cans - Novelis Plastic, Types 1 (PET) & 2 (HDPE) - Wylie Recycling Glass - MKD32

Scotlands Zero Waste Plan - By 2025 the recycling target is 70% of all waste collected. The landfill limit is 5% of all waste collected. The remaining 25% is to be treated by other means. We hope to join forces with Aberdeenshire & Aberdeen city councils in a joint venture for an energy from waste plant which will treat non-recyclable waste once our landfill site is closed (4 years' time)

Education For The Public:
5 recycling team members all provide waste/recycling education via a mix of events including, Presentations to schools, business groups, community groups and any organisation who may request one. They attend local events with our promotional caravan to educate the public, this caravan unit also goes out to the local high street, supermarket carparks and the surrounding villages. Team members also visit the local supermarkets and are stationed just near the entrance to pass on information to shoppers. We also carry out door knocking campaigns.

We have our own designated litter squads who have areas to cover on a weekly basis. The recycling team also receive requests from local community groups who carry out organised litter picks on an ad-hoc basis. We supply these groups with the required safety PPE (Hi-vis vests & gloves) along with bags and pickers. Removal of all litter collected is arranged prior to the pick being done.

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