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I'm doing some research into business travel and wondered if you could advise the following:

1. A copy of your organisation's travel and accommodation policy?
2. Any specific policies relating to staff traveling by air?
3. The total number of trips taken in the past 12 months involving a domestic flight?
4. Please provide details of the reasons provided as to why flying was necessary, detailing cost/time information e.g. X% of flights were deemed cheaper than equivalent rail/other public transport costs or e.g. Y% of flights were deemed to be necessary because alternatives would take too much time etc.

Response 08-08-2016

1. Please find a copy of the Council’s Travel and Subsistence policy attached here.

2. There is no specific policy relating to staff travelling by air.

3. The total number of trips taken in the last 12 months involving a domestic flight was 58. There were 47 return trips and 11 one way trips.

4. Reasons for choosing air travel over other forms of transport were:

a) Cost and time                               15%

b) Cost                                               9%

c) Time                                               76%

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