FOI Request - Council Owned Brownfield Land

Request 101001246410

With regard to sites classed as “brownfield land” held in the ownership of the local authority , its companies and other ownership mechanisms or vehicle:
• Where development has not started (i.e. where applicable a NOTIFICATION OF INITIATION OF DEVELOPMENT has not been received by the planning authority)
• broken down by ward name/identifier, or administrative name, or plot name:
o Number of sites the authority currently holds;
o The area of that land in square metres or acres;
o The current or previous uses of land listed;
o The length of time that land has remained vacant in whole years;
o The ownership vehicle for those piece(s) of land;
o The most recent estimated value of that land
     -  an average across the authority’s whole portfolio of land would be acceptable;
o Potential uses for that land, as designated in any development plan, agreed planning permission, marketing material or otherwise;
     -  Where the potential use is for housing, the number of units proposed for that site according to any development plan, marketing material or otherwise.

Response 01-08-2016 

Please find the information you requested here.

The total value of these sites is estimated at between £1.5M and £2M.

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