FOI Request - Dorenell S36 Wind Farm

Request 101001240888

In that the Council’s planning portal entry for the purification of the pre-commencement conditions on the consented Dorenell 1 S36 wind has nothing other than a SEPA response, I am requesting, under the above Act and Regulations:

A copy of any form of communication or report, or record of such communication or report, mentioning the Dorenell S36 wind farm or referring to the Dorenell wind farm or wind farm applications even if not mentioned by name, from between the dates of 1st September 2015 and the present date. The requested communications are those between the Scottish Government, including the Local Energy Consents (ECDU) and other Government Departments and the applicants (EDF/Infinergy) and any agent or consultant acting for the applicants and similarly between any Officer of the Council and the same applicant parties.
The requested communications includes communications with statutory consultees and representatives of Ministers, including Special Advisors, but it is understood that privileged legal advice to Ministers would be exempt from this request.

Clarification Received 14-07-2016:
Can I please refine the FOI request to make it for the same requested information but only in respect of matters relating to the purification of the pre-commencement deemed planning permission conditions for the consented Dorenell S36 wind farm. That should mean that you only need to refer to one case file.

Response 11-08-2016

To collate the information requested would involve multiple services/ agencies searching through several hundred emails, letters, plans and reports. We have estimated that the cost in staff time for this process would be in excess of £600 and this information is therefore exempt under Section 12 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002; excessive cost.   

However, the submitted documents and relevant letters will be made available as they are purified through the e-planning portal (under file reference 08/01200/S36). These various documents and plans will be published once accepted in line with the approach taken for planning applications. Many of the submissions in relating to purification of planning conditions are being finalised or revised and will be published online shortly. This information is therefore exempt under Section 27(1) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002; intended for future publication.

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