FOI Request - Dog Fouling Fines

Request 101001238766

Regarding the issue of dog fouling in your local authority, and for the periods 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 year to date, could you please provide responses to the following questions:-

1.  How many fines did your local authority hand out for dog fouling?
2.  How many reports of dog fouling were received by your local authority?
3.  What was the total value of fines handed out by your local authority out for dog fouling?
4.  What was the average amount of revenue from fines handed out for dog fouling?
5.  Does your local authority require dog owners to carry a poop scoop and disposable bag when they take their dogs out to a public place?

Response 13-07-2016

Data for 1 - 4 in table below (Year 2016 up to 7 July 2016)

           Complaints   FPN   Value of Fines      Fines Collected
2013           155       20          £800.00            £480.00
2014           149       12          £480.00            £240.00
2015           152       12          £480.00            £240.00
2016             91         6          £420.00            £  80.00

5.  No requirement is made.

1. previous FOI’s have not provided monetary figures due to the applicable budget code for all FPN types being the same.
2. The Value of Fines is the nominal fine at time of issue and does not take account of any increase for late payment.
3. The Fines Collected is taken from the Uniform System which is manually input therefore cannot guarantee 100% accuracy.

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