FOI Request - Licensed Wedding Venues

Request 101001235086

I would be grateful if you could populate each of the columns in the attached excel spreadsheet with the relevant details for each approved wedding premises in the UK, each row representing a separate approved premises. If you do not hold all of the relevant information, kindly populate the excel spreadsheet to the maximum extent possible with the information that you do hold.

(We are aware of the excel spreadsheet which has a list of approved premises, but this file does not download properly on any device that we have attempted to download it from and it does not contain all of the information that we require (and which we anticipate you hold).)

Name of venue
Room / Rooms licenced
Contact telephone number
Website address for the venue
Cost of registrar fees
Cost of additional certificate
Cost of ceremony
Cost of giving notice
Telephone for registrars office / bookings
Opening hours for the registrars office

Response 11-07-2016

The information requested is not held and is therefore exempt under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

The charges are available on line here  and the office contact detail/opening hours can also be found using the same link.

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