What Else is Required?

If your application is required to be advertised for neighbour notification purposes or as a departure a fee of £107 will also be required.  We will advise you of this when your application is submitted and should be paid within 14 days of the request being made.

The above sets out the minimum required to be submitted to enable an application to be registered as valid.  For some complex proposals additional information may be required to be submitted in support of the application such as:

  • Traffic Impact Assessment
  • Flood Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Statement
  • Noise Impact Assessment
  • Contaminated Land Assessment
  • Drainage Assessment
  • Details of water and sewerage connections (public or private)
  • Archaeological Assessment
  • Affordable housing details/mix
  • Recycling and bin storage areas
  • Landscaping and open space details
  • Detailed access, parking and cycle parking
  • Structural survey
  • Wildlife assessments i.e. Bat/Badger/Red Squirrel survey

Please contact us for an early discussion on your proposal to assist with identifying the types of information that will be required to be submitted in support of your specific application. A duty planner is available every day between 2pm and 4pm who will be able to assist you with your enquiry.

For major applications we have monthly pre-application meetings to enable applicants to present their proposals to officers and representatives from key agencies such as SEPA and SNH.  For details please see our pre-application guidance note for major planning applications.

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