Other Related Consents

Advertisement Consent
Consent for the display of signage on buildings or land. Apply online.

Certificate of Lawfulness (existing)
Used when a development or use has been carried out in the past without the proper permission being in place or where a development or use has been carried out not in line with the terms of the planning permission granted. It is a procedure that allows the planning authority to make a binding decision that such development or use may continue without fear of enforcement action. Apply online.

Certificate of Lawfulness (proposed)
Used when an applicant wishes to establish conclusively that a proposed use or development is lawful and does not require planning permission. Apply online.

Listed Building Consent
Consent for the alteration or extension (internal or external) to a Listed Building. Apply online.

Modification or Discharge of Planning Obligations
Applications made for the discharge or modification of obligations that are secured by a section 75 legal agreement. Apply online.

Prior Notification
Used to notify the planning authority of certain proposals that benefit from permitted development rights. We can determine if prior approval is required. These are most commonly used for agricultural and forestry developments. Apply online.

Proposal of Application Notice
This is required to advise the planning authority of the public consultation process an applicant will carry out before submitting an application for a Major or National development. Apply online.

Screening Opinion
This is to inform the developer as to whether we consider that a proposed development, such as a wind farm or biomass power station, constitutes EIA development, based on the selection criteria in Schedule 3 of the EIA Regulations. Apply online.

Scoping Opinion
If an EIA is required, a developer can request a scoping opinion from the Local Planning Authority under Schedule 4 of the EIA Regulations. This request seeks our opinion on the information that should be included within the Environmental Statement. Apply online.

Tree Works
An application for consent to carry out works to trees protected by a Conservation Area or a Tree Preservation Order. Apply online.

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