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[INPP Correspondence 101000432167]

I'd like a review of this response please. I'd like to remind the council of its duty to advise and assist under FOISA - which you have failed to provide in this response.

Firstly, I would like to point out that the Scottish gov't itself uses the acronym INPP for your partnership ( Had you contacted me this could have been clarified in an email or a 30-second phone call.

Secondly, the fact that this is a NPD contract shouldn't mean you don't issue me with the information requested. You've obviously just copied and pasted your response from my other related FOI regarding contracts! This also shows a lack of due diligence and thought. And nowhere in this request did I ask for information related to the type of contract.

Response 08-06-2016

Following your request for a review of our response to the FOI you submitted, a review meeting was held at the council offices on May 24th 2016. In attendance were the Records and Heritage Manager, Senior Solicitor, Senior Project Officer (Additional Improvement Works Programme) and Information Co-ordinator.

We can confirm there are no contracts between the Council and International Public Partnerships. We have, however, understood from your review request that you are seeking correspondence between the Council and IPP (Moray Schools) Ltd, which takes the form of a Non-Profit Distributing (NPD) contract. Therefore we have undertaken a new search in light of this information.

Correspondence held by the Project Manager responsible for this contract have previously been deleted in line with the Council’s Retention and Disposal Schedule following the deletion of this post. Similarly any correspondence held elsewhere that have not been designated as records have also been destroyed once their business requirement has been fulfilled.

Of the information we hold some of this, such as financial details and board meeting minutes, are considered confidential within the terms of the contract and are therefore exempt under Section 36(2) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act in that disclosure would be an actionable breach of confidence. Therefore please find attached here, [1] [2] [3] [4], the only other documents that we hold that fall within the scope of your request.

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