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I would be most grateful if you would provide me, under the Freedom of Information Act, details in respect of the following framework agreement(s)/contract(s):
1. Suppliers who applied for inclusion on each framework/contract below and were successful & not successful at the PQQ & ITT stages.*
2. Contract values of each framework/contract (& any sub lots), year to date
3. Start date & duration of framework
4.  Is there an extension clause in the framework(s)/contract(s) and, if so, the duration of the extension?
•5. Has a decision been made yet on whether the framework(s)/contract(s) are being either extended or renewed?

*For clarity, the details of the successful and unsuccessful suppliers are kept in the strictest confidence by 7House.  These details are used only to contact and support suppliers regarding their bidding activity for the contracts listed below.

Response 15-06-2016

1. With regard to the framework in question 13/0059, there were 34 expressions of interest received and 19 tenders returned. 

The names of the successful suppliers across the seven lots were:

Agrii, Richard Aitken (Seedmen) Ltd, Barcham Trees PLC, Bowcom, Brentwood Moss Nurseries, Cornish King Bulb Growers, Fleet Line Markers Ltd, J A Jones &, Sons (Churchtown) LTd, James Coles & Sons (Nurseries) Ltd, Johnsons of Whixley, Lubbe & Sons (Bulbs) Limited BACS, Rigby Taylor Limited BACS, Scotbark BACS, Sherriff Amenity, Terra Firma (Scotland) Limited, Top Score Flower Bulbs LTd

The names of unsuccessful bidders are confidential and are therefore exempt under Section 33(1)b of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 as disclosure would be likely to substantially prejudice the commercial interests of these companies.

2.  The estimated annual value of the whole contract is £124,750K.  In accordance with Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 we can confirm that we do not hold further breakdown of values.

3.  Start date 01/02/14 for 3 years

4.  Possible extension of 12 months

5.  No decision has been taken regarding the extension at this stage.

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