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1.  The total number of public health funerals (where the deceased has no relatives or there is no one else willing to pay) that your LA has undertaken for the each of the last 10 financial years?

2. The number of public health funerals that your LA has undertaken by gender for the past 10 financial years?

3. The number of public health funerals that your LA has undertaken by age for the past 3 financial years? Since April 2006, how many cases have there been where family and friends refuse to finance or make arrangements for their relatives funeral?

4. How much have the burials/cremations cost the LA broken down by year for the last ten financial years? This cost information does not need to include administrative or staff costs, and before any costs are claimed back by the local authority from the deceased’s estate

5. How much does your authority typically (average cost) pay for a Public Health Funeral?

6. What does your LA provide at a Public Health Funeral?

7. What relationship do you have with your local NHS board regarding funerals of this nature?

8. Have you observed any of the following over the last ten years?

• Higher numbers or people dying without any income or assets
• Higher numbers of people dying with family or friends unable to contribute to the costs of a funeral
• Higher numbers of people dying with family or friends unwilling to contribute to the costs of a funeral
• Higher numbers of people dying with no friends or family

Response 16-06-2016

Under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, information not held, please note that our response has had to be restricted to the records available for the last six financial years, in accordance with the Council's Records Management Policy.

1. The Moray Council Environmental Health Section arranged the following number of funerals in accordance with our duty in terms of Section 50 of the National Assistance Act 1948:

    April 2010- March 2011: Three

    April 2011- March 2012: One

    April 2012- March 2013: Two

    April 2013- March 2014: Five

    April 2014- March 2015: Six

    April 2015- March 2016: Three

    April 2016- 15 June 2016: One

2. 2010-11: Two females and one male

     2011-12: One female

     2012-13: Two males

     2013-14: Five males

     2014-15: One female and five males

     2015-16: One female and two males

     April 2016- 15 June 2016: One male

3. 2013-14: 56, 67, 67, 71 and 84 years

     2014-15: 46, 78, 67, 69, 77 and 76 years

     2015-16: 88, 62 and 91 years

     April 2016 - 15 June 2016: 72 years

4.  2010-11: £2408.83

     2011-12: £801.00

     2012-13:  £2402.62

     2013-14: £5911.89

     2014-15:  £8847.74

     2015-16: £7966.30

    April 2016- 15 June 2016: Final cost not known at this stage

5.  The average cost for a burial would be around £1800.00, inclusive of the costs of opening the lair, the undertaker's fees and our own staff costs.

6.  The Moray Council has a contract with a local funeral undertaker who conveys the deceased person to the funeral rest room, with the other arrangements including the cost of a coffin, the presence of a member of the clergy at the service, where appropriate, and the interment. The funeral does not include the cost of flowers, funeral cars or headstones.

7. The local NHS are notified of the details of the funeral undertaker who has been awarded the three year contract to carry out funerals on our behalf (following a tendering process carried out in accordance with the relevant procurement requirements) and are advised to contact the Environmental Health Section in the event of a death in one of their hospitals where no suitable arrangements have been made, or are being made, for the funeral.

8. I would refer you to the answers given in questions 1 and 3 above.

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