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This is a question about costs for additional school items.

1. Please provide information for how much it costs to buy and fit a pinboard with a glass door similar to the following:
1500x1200mm pinboard with two glass doors.

2. Please include how much the local authority charges to provide something like this to a) your own schools as well as  b) what it costs under the terms of your PPP/PFI/NPD schools project if applicable.

3. Please also include the name of the company currently running the maintenance contract for the PPP/PFI/NPD scheme.

Response 10-06-2016

1. Moray operates a devolved school budget and as such the school would determine what they require. 

The Council’s buying team can source a number of items that would fit the description ranging from £106 to £320 depending on size and specification; 1200x 1200 to 1800 x 1200 for example. 

It would be more normal to instruct all the work through Property Services who would get a quote from an approved Contractor and this would include manufacture of the notice board from raw materials which could be a lot cheaper than buying a proprietary product. The likely fixing cost by a Contractor on site would be 2hrs @ 27.36 = £54.72

2. a) If the pinboard was ordered through Procurement and fitted by the Janitor, there would be no charge for supply.

If the pinboard was fitted by a contractor there would be no Property fees charged for involvement on tenant budget items.

b) Under the terms of our contract small works such as the installation of pin boards can be undertaken either as part of the contract or by the authority itself.  If the works are undertaken by the authority then they are not life cycled and the authority accepts the risks associated with the works.

Approx. 3 years ago 60 pin boards very similar to the example requested were installed by the authority at Elgin Academy.  The cost of installation was £2203.10.  Based on a mid-range cost of pin boards of the type highlighted 60 boards would cost in the order of £12,600.  The total cost of works would therefore be in the region of £14,800.

3. The PFI at Elgin Academy is an NPD model.  The company undertaking the hard and soft FM is FES Ltd.

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