FOI Request - Road Salt

Request 101001187257

1. Please confirm the name of your local authority
2. Do you deliver your own winter gritting services or is this provided by another organisation?
3.If ‘another organisation’, please state which organisation
4. What is the approximate total length (miles or kilometres – please state) of road network which is deemed a designated de-icing route?
5. Who is your current road salt supplier?
6. What type of de-icing salt do you use – eg. brown rock salt, white marine salt, etc?
7. Do you purchase salt using a current tender?
8. If the answer to question 5 above was ‘Yes’, when does this tender expire?

Response 18-05-2016

1. The Moray Council.

2. We deliver our own winter service.

3. N/A.

4. Our 'Priority 1' routes total 668km.

5. Salt Sales Company.

6. Ground rock salt - fine grade.

7. Yes.

8.  Salt is purchased via the Scotland Excel Contract.  The current Scotland Excel contact for salt supply expires on 30.6.17, though Scotland Excel have an option to extend this by 12 months.

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