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Request 101001177955

I would be grateful if you could provide the following information with regard to your IT estate and IT procurement:

1.  Do you have a procurement policy which supports the use of the GCloud IT procurement framework?
2.  Has your organisation adopted a strategy or IT policy guidance for using cloud computing (cloud infrastructure), not software as a service?
3.  How many data centres do you have on council premises (secure processing centres which host shared systems)?
4.  How many third party data centres do you use?
5.  Do you use cloud hosting for your data (public or private cloud)?
6.  Expressed in percentage terms, approximately what proportion of your data is held on premise / in third party data centres / in the cloud?

Response 25-05-2016

1. There is no specific reference to GCloud in the Council’s procurement policy.  However, any ICT project with a procurement phase would consider national frameworks, including GCloud, when determining the route to market as part of the procurement strategy for that project.

2. There is no specific policy or IT guidance for using cloud computing.  Adoption of cloud services would be considered on a project by project basis.

3. One

4. None

5. Yes, some services are provisioned via cloud hosting.

6. This is not currently measured.  However, most of the Council’s data is held on premise – estimate would be >95%.

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