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[Organisation's name has been redacted] is asking for specific information on services commissioned for Primary HIV prevention; HIV testing services (outside of GU services) and support services for people living with HIV.  It would be appreciated if your authority could provide us with the information set out in the questions below.  For more information about this request and where to return it to, please contact us on the details at the bottom of this document.

Definitions for the purposes of this information request:

Primary HIV prevention: Services which have as an exclusive aim or as one of their primary aims the prevention of HIV transmission and as their intended recipients people identified as at significant risk of acquiring HIV.

Testing: We include in this definition HIV testing services directly commissioned by local authorities but excluding those provided by GU/sexual health clinics.

For the purpose of this exercise we are not looking to gather information on expenditure on the following:

•             GUM clinic activity

•             HIV clinic activity

•             Other acute secondary care provision (apart from HIV testing commissioned in these settings for public health reasons)             

•             Harm reduction services for people who inject drugs

•             Services for people diagnosed with HIV which may support safer sex

•             Wider sexual health services and programmes that do not have as one of their primary aims the reduction in onward HIV transmission (such as generic condom distribution programmes)

•             Contributions to the London HIV Prevention Programme.

Primary HIV prevention and testing in 2015/16


  1. Did you have any contracts for primary HIV prevention (as defined above)?
  1. Did you have any other contracts with specific HIV prevention KPIs, or specific prevention KPIs relevant to STIs for MSM or BME groups, or is HIV prevention mentioned in any other contractual documentation?
  2. If the answer to any of the above is yes, please fill in the following in relation to these services:

(You may have more than one service which falls within an intervention type.  Please use a new line for each service)

Intervention type Service Description and other information (e.g. description of KPIs)   Expenditure in 2015/16 Is this contract commissioned for 2016/17 and if so what is the value of the contract
Primary HIV prevention (health promotion activity) for:
Men who have sex with men (MSM)      
BME groups      
Other (please specify)      
HIV testing services (not including sexual health clinic services)
Primary care      
Secondary care      
Community (if targeting specific groups, please describe)      
Home sampling      


Support for people living with HIV in 2015/16

  1. Did you provide any funding through contracts or grants for services specifically supporting people living with HIV?
  2. Is support for people living with HIV explicitly mentioned within the contractual documentation for any generic services you funded?
  3. If the answer to either of the above, please fill in the following in relation to these services:

(You may have more than one service.  Please copy and paste a new table for each service)

Service/contract description Expenditure Is this contract commissioned for 2016/17 and if so what is the value of the contract
Support type Does the contract include this service, yes/no (please also add any further information you wish to include)
Peer support for people living with HIV (e.g. group or 1-2-1 peer support)  
Information, advice and advocacy for people living with HIV (e.g. housing or benefits advice)  
Self-management (e.g. treatment and adherence information and healthcare engagement)  
Sex and relationships support (e.g. sexual health support and disclosure support)  
Psychosocial support (e.g. counselling and mental health services)  
Other (please specify)  

Response 05-05-2016

It is a nil response from Moray Council

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