FOI Request - Recycled Community Disability Equipment

Request 101000431977

Under the Freedom of Information Act, would you please provide information to us, for the period 1st April 2014 to 31"t March 2015, applying only to disabled and terminally ill children, the following:

1.  The value (new purchase price) of the recycled community disability equipment* your organisation** supplied to disabled children in your area.
2. The number of recycled items supplied to disabled children in your area.

Please do not include any costs associated with cleaning, refurbishment, delivery or commissioning of the equipment.

*The term community equipment includes such items as wheelchairs, buggies, specialist beds, standing frames, hoists and specialist seating. We do not include structural adaptations, consumables such as nasal gastric tubing and incontinence supplies, IT equipment or surgical aids.
**We require information from each organisation separately; if you are unable to achieve this or would like to provide joint spending figures (with another local statutory body) please state so clearly in your response.

Response 27-04-2016

1.  £6,810.10

2.  423

We have classified children to mean all under the age of 16.

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