FOI Request - P1 Registrations

Request 101000431713

Primary One Registration week – January 2016
for commencement at School in August 2016

Following the close of registration week in January this year for Primary One children who are to commence school in August 2016, can you please supply the figures for pupil registrations as detailed below for each Primary School as outlined in the attached table.

For each primary school detailed in attached table:

1.         The number of pupils who registered for Primary one from the school catchment area.

2.         The number of pupils who registered for Primary one from OUTSIDE the school catchment area – e.g. via a Placing Request.

3.         The total number of registrations for Primary one.

4.         The total number of Primary one spaces actually available.

5.         The number of reserved spaces for in zone pupils (e.g. pupils who move into the area during the school term).

For the avoidance of doubt, the information is required for the following schools:

• Alves Primary
• Andersons Primary (Forres)
• Applegrove Primary
• Bishopmill Primary
• East End Primary
• East End Primary (temporary school - new SE catchment to be known as Linkwood Primary)
• Greenwards Primary
• Hythehill Primary
• Lhanbryde Primary
• Milnes Primary
• Mosstodloch Primary
• Mosstowie Primary
• New Elgin Primary
• Seafield Primary
• St. Geraldines, Lossiemouth
• St. Sylvester's Primary
• West End Primary

Response 05-05-2016

The information requested can be found here.

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