FOI Request - Council Properties in Wittett Drive

Request 101000424944

Could you identify the properties you have purchased in wittet drive under the freedom of information rule please as it would be useful to know [addresses removed].  Please specify the exact reasons why you will not allow temporary accommodation in 1 of these properties if you still maintain you wont allow it, as i believe it to be a breach of your duties to your tenants.

Response 12-04-2016

The purchase of properties in Wittet Drive, Elgin was in response to the proposed development of the Western Link Road.  A total of 5 properties were purchased.  The Council is currently reviewing what it does with these properties following a decision by Full Council on 30 March 2016 to remove the Western Link Road from its Capital Plan.  A report will be prepared for a future Council Committee setting out the options  for these properties in light of this decision.

The Council has previously used two of the Wittet Drive properties as temporary lets.  Their main use however has been decant accommodation to support the removal of asbestos contaminated materials from Council housing stock.  In terms of the Council's obligations to provide temporary accommodation for homeless people, it uses a range of different accommodation for this purpose and at present has a total of 163 units spread across Moray.  It has not breached any duties towards our tenants by not designating the Wittet Drive properties as temporary accommodation for homeless people. 

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