FOI Request - Pet Shop Licences

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We are contacting all Local Authorities in the UK, requesting details of all premises licenced under the Pet Animals Act 1951.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, I would like to make the following request:

1.Provide the name and address of all licenced pet shops. (Please also include any that are currently in application for a licence).

2.For each licensed pet shop, please return a copy of the schedule to the licence.

3.Please provide details of any conditions attached to the licence.

4.Please provide a list of the wild/non-domesticated mammal, bird, reptile and amphibian species that each pet shop is licensed to sell.

Response 05-04-2016

1. The information you requested can be found here 

2. We do not have schedules.

3. The following conditions will apply to any licence granted:

                1.    That the animals will, at all times, be kept in accommodation suitable in respect to size, temperature, lighting, ventilation, and                cleanliness.

                2.    That animals will be adequately supplied with suitable food and drink and, so far as necessary, visited at suitable intervals.

                3.    That animals, being mammals, will not be sold at too early an age.

                4.    That all reasonable precautions will be taken to prevent the spread among animals of infectious disease.

                5.    That appropriate steps will be taken in case of fire or any other emergency.

                6.    That the arrangements in regard to Conditions 1 to 5 above, as approved by the Council and as last seen by the Council's inspector          before the granting of this licence be, in all respects, kept and maintained unless the consent of the Council is given in writing to any                departure therefrom.

                7.    That every authorised officer of the Council be, at all times, allowed free access to the premises of the licensee for the purposes of         ascertaining if the above conditions are properly observed.

4. Is included in table attached for 1.

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