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Request 101000420932

Please may I request the names, office telephone numbers and job titles of current staff that are involved with or work in the following departments;
   1. Marketing &/or Communications
   2. Events
   3. Branding
   4. Public/External Relations
   5. Procurement
   6. Engagement/Outreach*

*By outreach and engagement I'm referring to activities undertaken by the council to boost participation within the community. This might be holding events, marketing your services, etc.

Response 21-03-2016

1 -4. Peter Jones and Raymond Shewan. Please find full details here.

5. Payments Manager, Diane Beattie, 01343 563137.

6. Your definition of 'engagement/ outreach' is very broad, but the following are involved in this area: 

     John Ferguson. Please find full details here

     Education and Social Care contacts are published here

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